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Skillet Cafe

Mount Vernon, IA

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So you want to learn more about us?

          Our food is fresh and made to order at the Skillet Café in Uptown Mount Vernon. Open since June of '08, the café was something we had always hoped we could do. Fran love's to cook, create and eat! After 22 years in the automotive service business he decided it was time for a career change. So when this building became available, we started making plans and everything just kind of worked out. A lack of formal training hasn’t stopped us as we developed a breakfast and lunch menu unique to the area. Specialties include made-to-order omelettes, pastas, potatoes and salads, as well as a variety of sandwiches and wraps. A full breakfast menu is served all day. While Fran does most of the cooking, Cherie handles the baking area along with the dining room and scheduling catering events. We originally planned the café as a two-person operation, but quickly realized the need for several part time staff. You could best describe us as something between a diner and a bistro or café. You order at the counter and can see your food being prepared in our open kitchen. This set up also allows you, the customer, to kind of "build it your own way” which we do with several items on the menu. It’s the interaction with you that we appreciate most. A lot of our menu items have been inspired by your special requests including many of our vegetarian selections. That's the fun of it, being able to create what you're looking for. We've been blessed with not only our local customers, but many from Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and nearby smaller communities. We're also amazed at how many repeat out-of-state customers we've had that travel the North South route on Hwy 1. We update the daily specials by mid-morning here on our website and also offer a free subscription to our daily specials email which you can get to from our home page. Our smoke-free restaurant seats 50, plus a few more on the back deck. We’re owner-operated, and enjoy being here to serve you. We didn't want to build this and not be involved or available for you. So if you ever have any comments or concerns for us please feel free to contact us. We would love to hear from you!

Thanks for your business,

Fran & Cherie Guillaume

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